A Old Blanket and a Withered Garden Doll

New Art Doll on Etsy:A Old Blanket and a Withered Garden I should also be listing her on my website soon.
She is up for sale on my etsy here
TITLE: A Old Blanket and a Withered Garden
MEDIUM:Paper clay,ceramic,clear glass eyes,cotton,string and a wooden base.The costume is made from one of my rotted childhood blankets which I allowed to decay in my garden where my pets who have passed on are buried.
SIZE: 16 X 12 inches.
STATUS: For sale 500.00
NOTE: Doll portrays the way we sometimes feel choked up and tied down to certain situations.The doll comes with it's base and is sitting on a latched,hinged trinket box that can be open and closed with the doll on top.The box also contains a secret message pasted on the inside only the buyer will see.There are also trinkets inside the hole in the dolls head.
Because of the eyes being clear glass depending on the way the light hits her,her eyes can sometimes look like they are following you.
Payment Plan is available:Doll is available for a payment plan.For around 80.00 each consecutive month,with a down payment of 50.00.A payment must be made EVERY month or you forfeit your item and are charged a 30.00 relisting fee.Also if you skip 3 months of payments you forfeit what you have paid on the time.I hate to be so strict about it but past experience have demanded it.E-mail me for info if you wish to purchase her on a payment plan.
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Ok. So I'm trying like crazy to figure out what's up with these two lovely girls. So, the dress style seems to be Korean. The characters on the clothing are Korean. But the company sticker on the base is in Japanese. O_o
Has anyone seen dolls like this anywhere online before?? If so, do you (or do you know where I can get it) any information about where these dolls may have origionally been made? I doubt they're worth anything. I'd just like to know more about their history.
I also have a set of Japanese style "paper dolls". (not pictured)
They are made with cardboard for the backing. The clothing is real material. And, I kid you not, the hair on the "paper dolls" is real hair. I'd LOOOVE to know the history about those. So! If you know anything about antique asian dolls, I'd love to know you!! =D
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