Ugly Shyla (uglyshyla) wrote in dollieclubhouse,
Ugly Shyla

Papal Authority Doll

Papal Authority Doll
"Papal Authority" Doll I just finished,I did all the gold embroidery by hand.Let me just say metallic embroidery thread is AWFUL to work with,and I hate my lack of embroidery skills but I'm ok with the way it turned out.I'll be posting full shots of the doll soon when I have them edited.
The doll itself isn't for sale he's apart of my private collection but you can buy prints of the photos I took of him here on my Ugly Art Dolls Etsy shop
Or you can buy prints straight through me 8 X12 are 15.00 and 20 X 30 prints are 30.00,if you want to buy a print straight from me just let me know what size and your paypal e-mail addy.
Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls
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