THE DOLL MISTRESS (bellwitch) wrote in dollieclubhouse,

~Selling more Living Dead Dolls~

Im going to be putting up more dolls on ebay , But Id love to avoid that whole process and You add these dolls to your collection

~The Lost ~Series 8 both versions are rare this one the doll wears the black dresss and her doll wears a white one. $150.oo

Very Rare doll
Also ~the lost variant (doll in white dress and her doll in black dress)
This version is much harder to come by both are mib sealed in box smoke free home . $200.00

~abigil crane and mr. graves $65 sealed mib
~purdy $45 sealed Mib
~san diego comic con blue eggy ~$50 opened to see if bloody but nrfb
~Lizzie borden $65 mib
~Eliza Day $45
~Bride of valentine $30 (tear in shrink wrap ) otherwise mib
~angus lotirott burned face version ~$30 opened to see version but nrfb
~series 7 deadly sins mib ~lust, gluttony,wrath, envy,vainity,sloth,greed ~id prefer to sell as a set but will take offers on individual .$345

~jack and jill club mez exclusive ~opened but mib . $55
~Issac $10
~siren $15

Ill be putting the aucions up in the next 24 hours ... so if your interested please let me know asap so i can hold them for you .
thank you
samantha bell
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